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Portland SharePoint User Group Year End Party!

As we close out the year we’d like to thank all of you for your participation in the Portland SharePoint User Group by turning the December user group meeting into a Year End Party! This will be a great opportunity to network with other members, share war stories, and talk about what you learned at the SharePoint Intelligence Conference. We’ve gone through a lot of positive changes this year and have more planned for next year. This will be a great opportunity to provide your input on what you like about the user group and what we can do better. But most importantly this will be a celebration and to that end we’ll have prize drawings, giveaways, refreshments, and last but not least, a selection of beer and wine. Since this is a celebration so I’ve reserved our meeting room through 3pm!

Food will be provided by AvePoint and as in previous months we need to get a headcount of how many folks will attend and want lunches. We’ve set up a survey that allows you to change your response so if you initially plan on attending but something comes up you can re-open the survey and let us know. If you plan to attend please be sure to complete the survey by Monday December, 19th at noon since we have to place the lunch order that afternoon. You can find the survey at Please be sure to take a minute to fill out the survey so we can have an accurate lunch count and let the parking lot know how many vehicles to expect.


December Portland SPUG Meeting


Wednesday December 21st, 2011 11:30am – 3:00pm


Microsoft Portland Office 1414 NW Northrup St.

Suite 900

Portland, OR 97209


Year End Party!!!


If you plan on driving to the Microsoft office for the SharePoint User Group please follow these parking instructions.

Complimentary parking will be available at the Safeway Parking Garage located on NW 14th between NW Lovejoy and NW Marshall.

The instructions for using the PIN to obtain the parking receipt are as follows:

· Park on the 5th or 6th floor of the Safeway parking garage located on NW 14th Ave between NW Lovejoy and NW Marshall. The entrance will be on the east (right) side of the street closer to NW Marshall. Do not park in a reserved space. If you do you risk receiving a $41 ticket that you will be responsible for.

· At the Pay Station select the $7.95 all day rate

· Then hit the # key

· Next punch in the 7 digit PIN 9654123

· The pay station will print the receipt

· Place ticket on the dash

To subscribe to or unsubscribe from the Portland SharePoint User Group email announcements list, please send email to


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