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I am proud to sponsor and support the Portland SharePoint Saturday events.  "SharePointlandia", was originally created by me during my time as the President of the Portland SharePoint User Group, and over 3 years of running SharePointlandia events was able to lead community events in Portland, Los Angeles, and San Diego.


What is SharePointlandia?


SharePoint Saturday "SharePointlandia" is a unique event because it is absolutely free, anyone can attend, it won't interfere with your work schedule, and it's planned with a community focus in mind.


We bring the experts, consultants, and Microsoft MVPs from around the country to share their experiences, tips, and best practices. You won't get a day of sales pitches, instead, you will receive training and the opportunity to network with other SharePoint users. Since this is open to anyone, there will be guests from all over the Northwest.


This is a great opportunity for you meet other SharePoint and Microsoft professionals in the Portland community, ask questions, network, and share your experiences.


Connect with the community:


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