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Road to Microsoft Ignite 2017

Well it has been 2 years since I attended any Microsoft conference. Instead spreading my time out at SXSW, DEFCON, and smaller events. Well 2017 is the year I return to Ignite. After the recent Microsoft Virtual Summit I noticed the buzz around the event to me more around new functionality, how all the summer releases will effect ecosystems, and to be honest getting a chance to brave the crowds to get into specific talks.

I can only say that I look forward this year to camaraderie, meals with friends, crazy laughter at an afterparty, and hearing about the latest nightmares by friends doing consulting. This is what Ignite means to me.

Longtime Friends, New Found Colleagues, and Collaboration in its rawest form.

MS Ignite 2017 is in Orlando Florida September 25-29th and I have to say I booked and reserved my hotel and flight at the end of May without any challenges. In fact I got a great room for 40% just across the street, amazing. This leads me to believe two things.

1. The attendance at this year’s event will not be as high as Chicago last year 2. There will be a ton of last minute registrations

Now I am hoping the logistics for Orlando are better than Chicago, because to be fair there was a bunch of horror stories about the food, the crowds, cancelled talks, and more. Yes some was just people complaining, but we can all remember walking down the halls feeling like Nerd Cattle.

Go getting past all the challenges, I can only say I look forward to the road to Microsoft Ignite, and I plan on posting about the events leading up, the days onsite, and the after actions. See you all there.

I will also be doing the usual social tweeting on my Digital MacGyver social feeds.  #MS_Ignite, Microsoft Ignite, Ignite 2017



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