The incredible power and flexibility of Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint Online comes complexity and the need to work with a Microsoft Partner that has a proven track record of success. Digital MacGyver has executed hundreds of SharePoint projects, we have significant SharePoint expertise that ensures your initiative is done the right way, the first time.

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SharePoint & Web Portfolio

One of my focuses is SharePoint and creative web design. Here is some featured projects and samples that I worked on delivering.


Every marketer today is faced with the challenge of creating good content day in and day out. Coming up with new ideas and interesting ways to present information can feel pretty overwhelming on some of those days. That's when it's time to start mining Microsoft's Ready-to-Go (RtG) marketing site.


This has recently evolved into the Partner Network.  So we are glad to see the evolution of a idea.



Tripwire, Inc. is a software company based in Portland, Oregon that develops, markets and sells information technology solutions that provide security and compliance automation. The company's software and hardware products provide organizations control over physical and virtual IT infrastructure.


This project brought internal Collaboration, and the unified brand into Tripwire.  Creating a unique site "thewire", to promote knowledge, communcation and community.


All built on SharePoint, and extending into the Partner and Customer facing portals.



Corbis Corporation is a company based in Seattle, Washington that licenses the rights to photographs, footage and other visual media. It has a collection of more than 100 million images and 800,000 video clips.


This project was focused on UX/UI design, supporting the team thru information design, concept, prototyping, user testing, and roll out.  This mentoring role was more about making data accessible and not getting lost in the millions of records.

Portland Trail Blazers


The Center Court Intranet was a SharePoint On-Premise implementation supporting a stronger need for collaboration. Key features included Communities,


Collaboration and Project sites, internal job postings, onboarding, streaming video, and an internal Craigslist called "Chuckslist"..

Blount International


Oregon based Blount International manufacturing project was driven to implement a Global Intranet supporting the global manufacturing nature of the organization.


Extending to support regional focused communication, and Continuous Improvement intiatives.



Clearwire Communication implemented a great SharePoint platform to faciliate collaboration and knowledge sharing.


Focused on the Employee first, and connecting with fellow workers no matter the region or role.

XL Playbook - Mobile


XL Playbook is used to identify, evaluate, and pursue growth opportunities, top industry talent, conduct ad hoc market analysis,and to collect competitive intelligence.


XL Insurance are working with top consulting firms to create a mobile web ready version of Playbook for tablet devices using their existing .NET infrastructure.



POC's Become Real

Sometimes a Proof of Concept becomes reality.  Here is a few examples of some great designs that made it past executive review.


Is the leading supplier of SMART LED technologies, LED Lighting, Automated Control Systems, and Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies in California. 


Performed role as interim Director of Technology and Marketing.  Launching rebrand effort, including website, logo, marketing materials, sales materials, document templates, and dynamic forms.


POC was rapid prototype developed on the WIX platform.


Aequitas Capital - Employee University

Aequitas Capital is an alternative asset management company dedicated to innovation, discipline and excellence.


Knowledge Management platform built on SharePoint Online, focused on continued education and skill development.


Included a Leadership Development component to grow a strong management team.


Aequitas Capital - Intranet

Aequitas Capital is an alternative asset management company dedicated to innovation, discipline and excellence.


Interactive Intranet focused on new events, communication, news, and culture.


Implemented on Office 365 and SharePoint Online leveraging the Video Services, Search Driven Design and User First visualization.


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