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Why There is a Shortage of SharePoint Experts

I was browsing thru the LinkedIn discussion boards and encountered this very interesting string of discussion.

The question is discussing about is there a shortage of SharePoint experts in the US, or globally. To summarize the string can a person get enough experience on the job in 1 year to be considered an Expert.

Wow Expert, well in many disciplines a expert can be achieved thru exams and OJT. I am a certified Computer Forensic Professional. It took a few years of experience, and a series of certifications. Key it took me a few years of experience, I could not have done it in just a few months. Too many variables within the technologies. Now lets take that into SharePoint, this global enterprise solution….seriously 1 year of experience and be an expert.

I like what Mark Jones blogged about. If you are interested take a look.

Lets see how it plays out over the next few years with all the folks coming in and carrying that title.



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