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Simple Tips for Working with SharePoint Calendars

So I work a lot with SharePoint Calendars, even more so with clients asking basic user level questions.  I thought I would take a few minutes and pass on some of those training tidbits.

Elements of a Calendar List Page

SharePoint Calendar Ribbon


The Events tab on the Calendar ribbon has various functions, including New Event, View Event and Edit Event.


SharePoint Calendar Breadcrumb

The breadcrumb’s last node has the View drop-down. The Calendar view displays the items in a monthly format, and the All Events view displays the items in a standard table format.

Left Navigation

When the monthly view of a Calendar is visible, the left navigation displays the year, list of months, and the current date. This makes it easy to navigate to other dates.

When viewing a day or week, then the left navigation will show the current month.

Calendar View

The Calendar view displays the list items in a monthly format by default. The items can be displayed in a standard table by selecting the All Items view.

Navigating Among Day/Week/Month

Navigating SharePoint Calendars

The Calendar view allows you to view a day, week, or month. There are various navigation elements that allow you to switch between day/week/month and move forward and backward in time.

Adding an Event

You can add an event by using the New Event function on Events tab in the ribbon.


1. On a Calendar view, hover over a day (or time) until the

is visible.

2. Click on the Add link.

3. In the New Item window, fill out the appropriate information.

5. Click Save.

Editing an Event

1. Select an event by clicking anywhere in the event box, except the title link. Once you have selected the event, the background color should change shades.

Note: If you click on the title link, you will be taken to the Event Details window, where you can use the ribbon to edit the item (or series).

2. The Events tab in the ribbon should automatically be selected, and Edit Event (among other functions) will be available.

Recurring Events

Once a series of recurring events has been created, it is possible to edit a single occurrence or the entire series. It is important to be aware of which type of instance you are editing.


On the Edit Event window when editing a single occurrence of a series, there will be an Edit Series link in the ribbon. If you wish to edit the entire series, click Edit Series and the window will display all the properties for the series.

Series continued:



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