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SharePoint List field “Assigned To” not working?

Fun with SharePoint. OK everyone for your enjoyment I thought I would provide this nugget of wisdom. I just spent 30 minutes troubleshooting an error sent to me this morning in an email.

The Assigned To field of a custom Customer Intake Management List was not populating with any account other than the Site Collection Admin account.

Let me put the list into context:

The list was fully customized, InfoPath Form customized, and even leveraged InfoPath Views supporting up to 6 different Team Queue views looking at 87 fields (yes 87) on a single list. Generally this was the central hub list. The rub is that the Site Collection account showed like this domain\username when it was saved. But it worked, everyone else would properly select thru the people picker and save, but not retain to the list… log entry to support…..hmmm you ask.


Lets look at the column properties:


Someone with admin rights to the list, changed the “Show Field” from “Name”/or “Name(with presence)” to “UserName”, not understanding the special configuration in AD.


Thus SP could not properly render the field for all the other users. Once I changed it back….tada. I know that there was a deeper issue, and I could write a paper on it, but thought you might like the quick fix. Hope you morning starts better than this.



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