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New Project “Portland U- Tour Video Guidebook”

So I am proud of only a few things, and truly express my love for even less….kind of a Grinch…well Portland is one of those things I have to say I really love.  Weather, people, location, fun things to do, food, drink,….etc.

So I have decided to take the next year and do a Video Guidebook of some of the best elements of Portland (Portlandia).  I am creating a project on Kickstarter to assist with the funding of this 1 year creative exercise.  So if you want to donate…please do.

You might ask WHY?

Well I enjoyed this Time-Lapse video of Portland

Great Time-lapse video of Portland–my inspiration

I was just inspired to create something similar, but of more of Portland….not so much time-lapse but creative non the less.

Created a Page about this above.

Look for more notes and examples in the future as this project comes to be.



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