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Creativity starts in the morning

So one of my revelations the past years is that I do my best work in the early morning. You might ask “how early Scott?”. Well I find that I jump to it about 5:30am and try not to look at email till 8:00am. This gives me time to plan, wrap up ideas from the day before, and take all my creative juices and try and sketch them down.

Honestly the most depressing thing in the morning is cracking open my email and seeing all the new fly-ins, change requests, and new distractions from my clients. I take 15 minutes to read each, then categorized and prioritize the responses. Stop, go get a beverage, then come back and tackle them.

I also do a wrap up 30 minutes at the end of the day just to touch base on tasks and what got done. Ahh the joy of being able to walk away from my workspace and not worry.

It takes time, and consistency to keep at it, but in the long run it also keeps me moving forward.



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