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Connecting a SharePoint 2010 Calendar to Outlook 2010

You can view and update a calendar in SharePoint, just as you do your Outlook calendar. Use Microsoft Outlook 2010 to view a calendar from a site within your portal side-by-side with an Outlook calendar, view an overlay of the calendars as if they were one single calendar, and even copy events among the calendars.

This is an extension of my other SharePoint Calendar post.

Access a SharePoint calendar in Outlook

When you connect a calendar within SharePoint to Outlook, it appears under Other Calendars with your calendar folders.

1. In the top navigation of SharePoint select Resources > Corporate Calendar.

2. Using the links in the left navigation select any calendar other than Master Calendar. (The Master Calendar is an empty calendar used to display a roll-up of all the other calendars.)


3. In the ribbon click the Calendar tab.

4. Click Connect to Outlook.

5. When prompted to confirm that you want to allow the website to open a program on your computer, click Allow.

6. When prompted to confirm that you want to connect the SharePoint calendar to Outlook, click Yes.

7. In Outlook Calendar section, the SharePoint calendar is added to the Navigation Pane under Other Calendars.


Add an event to a calendar within ‘The Wire’ by using Outlook

You can add appointments and all-day events to your calendar within SharePoint, just as you add them to your Outlook calendars.

1. Open the calendar from SharePoint in Outlook. On the Home tab in the ribbon, click the type of event (i.e. New Appointment, New Meeting, etc.) that you want to add.

Note: You can also create recurring events, although some of the custom recurrence patterns are not available in calendars found within The Wire.

2. Enter the information about the event.

3. Click Save and Close.

Note on Calendar Migration: You can also drag items between your Wire calendar (i.e. P0, P1, etc.) and your Outlook personal calendar, or you can copy and paste them.

Remove a Calendar from Outlook

1. In your Outlook Calendar, in the Navigation Pane, under Other Calendars, select the calendar that you want to remove.

2. Right-click the calendar name, then click Delete. 3. When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes.

Note: This procedure removes the calendar only from Outlook, not from the SharePoint site.

Synchronization between Calendars

There is limited synchronization between your calendars in SharePoint and your connected calendars in Outlook. It is important to understand the limitations of synchronization and how the process works.

The following scenario will sync calendars:

If you have connected a SharePoint calendar to Outlook, changes made to the calendar in either location will sync. (Changes made to Outlook while offline will sync when you are back online. Synchronization may not occur for a few minutes after making changes.)

The following scenario will NOT sync calendars:

Personal to SharePoint: If you have copied an event from your personal Outlook calendar into a SharePoint calendar in Outlook the event information will not sync between calendars if changes are made in either location.

SharePoint to Personal: If you have copied an event from a SharePoint calendar (either in Outlook or from the web) to your personal Outlook calendar the event information will not sync calendars if changes are made in either location.


Hope some of these simple tips help you in using your SharePoint Calendar more effectively with your Outlook.



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