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A new tool to unify your Social Media “About.Me”

I have a ton of Social Media tools I have been connecting, creating accounts, reserving user names, and generally planning ahead. 

So you ask “Scott what is a way to keep track?”

Well one option that has been getting some steam is the About.Me personal landing page.  I have been working to find the right image to tell the story, and your profile story should hit it right on the head.


Here is my text.

SharePoint Technologist Roaming the Portlandia My personal mission statement: Integrity My Specialties: SharePoint 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Training, SharePoint Records Management, SharePoint E-Discovery, Records Management Training, SharePoint Solution Architecture, Customs and Trade, International Law, Digital Forensics, Litigation, Technical Writing, Systems Architecture, Microsoft Training, On-Line Instruction, Technical Instruction, Large Scale Instruction, SharePoint e-Learning Platform Design.


You can personalize your URL, you give your page your own title,

a large body of rich text (no real limit on size, just keep in mind the page fold).  And a way to connect nearly any Social Media tool, or just web url. 

You get the option of including Tags on the page, visible and searchable.  I like the idea, just have not found the right ones.

My usage: Now I use mine as a way to show my active social service accounts.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Klout, and other services. 

The nice part is this becomes a version of a business card.  I know what you are saying Business Card….naaah  Sure.  One of the Offers is a great business card with the site info, and a Digimark.

Sure I give them a single link to look at, add to my signature line of an email, and Ta Da, they now have links into my Social Hub.

Downside – Cons:

Ok so I have talked up the tool, now the downside.  The page format is a little restrictive. Generally not so good on a mobile device or a Tablet unless you like looking at the page in Landscape mode. You can only get so much above the fold.

Second, this is only a linking tool, it does not give you a way to populate content to those dozen social sites you just connected.  That is a drag… I will have to pick up a different tool for that.  Alternion, but I will talk about that in another post.

Lastly, background image.  If you have not already seen, that is a pretty big image, and it needs to be high res, and massive.  Recommend a Desktop Wallpaper size image, but that also translates to slower load times. Sorry to look good takes bandwidth.

This image of Portland I am currently using in this post is 1024 x 768 and about 874kb in size.  I plan on getting a better more personal image soon, but that takes time.


Fan, and plan to find new ways to use it.

Simply Unify your social media.

Want to check out some other great pages, here you go.



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