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Why Google Glass is the next step in Consulting

So the buzz about Google Glass is apparent in the tech news, on Twitter, and in the mainstream geek chatter. Hey I agree with most, very cool. I also agree with others, kind of scary.

Now the idea of wearable tech is old news, and there had been many successful examples of this in the past, including HUD systems for gamers. Where this intrigues me is the application to your business day.

Google Glass and YOU

Monitoring of your meetings. Monitoring of your consultants. Capturing pictures during meetings or onsite visits.

Just a few what appears to be great ideas on the surface…right….well the question now becomes…

"What is the data used for, and where is it stored?"

The reason I ask this question is critical for privacy and compliance. Could you imagine if your patient information was captured by accident? What about if you just happen to have your check book open and the person next to you in line gets a photo of your personal info?

Wow these are just surface questions. Can you think of the sensitive information as you work in banking, or government jobs!


So one of the hot topics in the next year, before these devices find their way to the market will be "How do we regulate?" Companies who are already behind the BYOD device governance should now be…well….freaking out.

Remember the Ferbie, a little toy that became popular in the office, who started recording and playing back sensitive information. Only to banned from every office on the planet.

Imagine a wearable Ferbie, that you don’t even see.

UX and Distraction

So you if you have ever seen someone drive and text, or heck even walk and text you see that basically they are a hazard.  So picture this:

Don’t take it wrong, but how in the %#$% are you not going to have people stepping in front of buses, or distracted while driving.

I cant wait till the idea of having dinner with my kids, and in the background they are watching a movie, or texting a friend.


While new tech like the Google Glass seems fun and useful, we will need to see how our culture adopts it, how will this effect mobile business, advertisement, relationships.  The big question I have is beyond the simple one’s above.  It is this:

“How will this evolve our social interactions, or devolve our social interactions?” 

Can’t wait for this discuss around the water cooler.


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