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Why Geeks get stopped at TSA going to SharePoint Conference

Getting ready for the SharePoint Conference 2012, and it takes a lot of gear. So when you travel, I am betting you don’t take this much stuff just for a week in Las Vegas. Well when you are a blogger, videographer, article writing, SharePoint Geek, consultant, Gamer, with MVP dreams….you pack a little heavy

Take a look at the tech my tail is trying to pack.


So we have the following:

· 3 dell laptops

· 2 Microsoft Surface tablets

· Sony Video cameras, Flip Camera, Canon D7

· Rhodes Microphone

· 4 TB of external hard drives (700 movies, tv shows, and 300gb of music)

· Gamer Travel case with PS3, and Xbox 360

· Halo 4

· pens, pencils, notebooks, sticky notes,

· USB hubs, with 9 USB sticks for quick data transfers,

· Tripod, SteadyCam, Owle camera case for my iPhone,

· Sony headphones, gaming headphones, iPhone headphones,

· 3 mice

· Buffalo wireless router, and a Data cables (impromptu wireless network)

· Power strips and cables, batteries, power supplies, misc. cables

· And a crap load more of gadgets, toys and tools.

· Monster drinks, 5 hour energy, power bars.


Needless to say I come prepared. HAHA Now the question is how do you carry all that.

BAGS, lots of BAGS..

So when you think you have some stuff in your carry-on….”NOT”, just think of me and trying to get all this thru TSA and carry-on.

Hopefully I will see you all at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas.



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