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Speaking this Week about SharePoint 2013 at the Portland SharePoint User Group.

So this week I volunteered to come into the Portland SharePoint User Group monthly meeting and do a “Lessons Learned about SharePoint 2013 Beta”.  Very interesting information about new features, changes to the Application Architecture, changes in Requirements…etc..

So hear is a little teaser of the information……IT ROCKS…haha just kidding.  Well let me at least point out two great features.

SharePoint App Store:

So now with the App Store we have the function to build and deploy great apps.  In SharePoint Widgets(in WordPress lingo), and one of the great things is that you can now exchange and share Apps.  This means you can build an great one for say a Financial Institution (stock ticker), and be able to resell it on the Windows App Store.  Remember Windows Gadgets…yep Gadgets are back and better than ever.


So Records Management is finally robust enough with Information Management, Content Types, Meta Data Management, and Search to actually be a quasi Case Management Solution.  I will post more about it as I can actually apply a Records Schedule and run a use case thru a true data set(not Contoso).


Look forward to the this weeks talk at the Portland SharePoint User Group, and blogging about the new adventures of SharePoint 2013….chat with you later.


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