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SharePoint Conference #SPC12 IS a GO!

So the SharePoint Conference 2012 is officially off and running.  A nice great big banner greeting you on entry, along with the wonderwall.


Fun to watch Tweets running real-time, and moving around as you see folks wonder by.  Nice Installation.

News from the Event:

Nearly 10,000 registered for the event.

Great Backpack, as part of the very organized and simple registration…..Kudos Microsoft.

Now I would like to note, wow as expected there will be a Microsoft Popup store in the main area, and dozens of give-aways!  YES the Surface is the #1 give-away as expected, so lots of raffles and fun.


Hope you get a chance to attend, if not I will try and get tons of pics and info posted. 

SharePoint Geeks have taken control of Las Vegas….Bazinga!



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