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SharePoint Conference 2012 Preparations and Tips

Less then a week to the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas.  I thought I would take a few minutes and reach out as this is now less than a week from the biggest Microsoft SharePoint Event in history. (over 7000 strong, more like 12000) I wanted to make sure you were aware of a few things, and also wanted to make sure if you have any last minute roadblocks, logistical issues, funding, flights, how to pack, what to bring challenges….well I am here for you.


Conference Site

Your personal site for the Conference, make sure to update you conference profile so we can all connect.

Are you planning on doing something fun besides the conference, then please visit this site prior to trip

You can get an idea of events going on parallel to the conference.


First off: If you are experiencing any challenges or roadblocks, please feel free to reach out to your fellow community members, or other attending the event from your region.

Second: Since like many of you Conferences are something you do a few times a year….well this one is a lot different. Why? Well let’s just say geeks take the “What happens in Vegas!” statement sometimes overboard.

Lots of parties, events, after hours excitement….etc. If you get carried away, and get yourself in a situation. Please feel to tweet me. I would recommend if by any chance you get a personal meeting with Vegas Metro (Police), please be safe and nice, remember they live there 365 and you are only there for the week….be nice. I used to work with them and have a great relationship with the sheriff’s office. J So if you need bail, or just a person to retrieve you from the card table. Phone a friend.

Third: I am driving down from the PDX office, so I am avoiding the Airport fun, make sure you know your rules with baggage, carry-ons, and keep yourself safe.  Yes bags get stolen and lost, please don’t put your life in a checked bag…..also make sure you remember Electronics are not covered by your check bag insurance.


Make sure to tweet, blog, and friend. Slalom is 45 strong at the event, so our social presence could will be huge.  We want to hear from you, so make sure you tweet….  @SPConf

MySPC site

Recommend going on and updating your profile and picture, this is going to be a way for folks to look up and connect in the community at the event.


Pack Light: Recommend packing light to the event, there is a lot of walking from sessions, to the break areas, etc. Last year I put 9 miles a day on my pedometer. There is also places to charge up your phones, and PC, Tablet, bring those cables with you and life will be better.

Know your schedule:

Make sure you get either a printed version of the schedule (from your myspc site), or get a schedule at the door and spend a few minutes at the beginning to figure out where and what talks interest you. Many of the talks are in different areas, or might require you to go down the escalator and find the room. With this also comes, choose backup topics. Some fill up fast, so you might need to pick a second topic and run to it.

At event munchies:

Recommend you bring some energy bars, or snacks. They have food during the breaks but it is not always what folks like. No vending machines are handy and it is a big walk to where you can refill….so PACK IT IN. Recommend you bring a refillable water bottle, as water becomes a issue during the events, but they always have refill stations for you to fill up your bottles.

Business Cards: Take as many as you can, use this for drawings, and networking. It is funny how many folks forget them. If you do not have a card to swap with someone they will assume you do not want them to take you serious. It is show protocol.

Extra Funds: Plan on bringing a $300.00 for food and munchies at least, recommend more do to the fact Microsoft is actually setting up a Store at the event to get cool stuff. Also your travel to and from the airport is about 15$. And the average meal in Vegas is about 18$. Everything on the strip costs about what you pay at 7-11 so judge on your spending accordingly.

Travel from Airport to Hotel:

Recommend taking the Hotel Shuttles if possible, much cheaper than taxi, arrange in advance if possible, and bring your print out.

Conference News:

  1. Attendance: 12000 attendees

  2. MYSPC site is live and has critical info you need to keep up with.


  4. A Microsoft Store will be setup for this event

  5. 97% of Sponsor booths filled, so expect over 200 sponsors to check out.

  6. Hotels and Rooms are still available at Excalibur, Circus Circus and Luxor.

  7. Wireless will be provided at the show, but once you leave the conference center you are on your own.




OK, so that seems like a lot of fun info right. Seriously….I get into the event on Saturday and will be there till Saturday so if you need a ride, help, a rescue from a crazy cabbie…please let me know.

For you Slalom Folks attending with me, we are also working on some fun locations for us Slalom folks to gather to just meet and strategize for the event. Have a great time, and say HI if you see me



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