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SharePoint 2010 and SPC2012 it’s Over, now what?

So with the final hours of 2012 coming upon us it is always nice to look back, reflect, learn, cry, and well just say &#%&….glad it is over.

Well time is our friend in this healing process.  Like many of you I did a lot with Social Media this year, and much of it was throw away in the end. 

So lets talk about what you can do in 2013 to make up for all those hours squandered.

Unifying your Web Presence with

SO one of my success stories in social media was leveraging my site.  If you have not found it,,,well,,,think of it as a online business card.  Great one stop shop for all things YOU. 

Second reason I like this is the way you can link all your social presence, stop searching for the url, or remembering if you have an account…tada.

Second big win is unify social with Alternion

SO my second success of the year was leveraging Alternion.  A social media feed and posting mechanism. 

Allowing you to connect dozens of social media tools to one Command Center.

Now it is a newer solution, so a few bugs, but it has my attention as a top social tool of 2013.

Blogging with WordPress

I still have not found a solid alternative to WordPress.  Have to continue to give the team 2 thumbs up for the solid platform and performance. 

I do wish I could find a simple customization solution, but hey I am still new at this platform.  Maybe in 2013 I will do my own custom branded site, and break the mold.

Upgrading to SharePoint 2013

SO I have tons of clients running SharePoint 2010 for there companies, and well they are now seeing the benefits of SharePoint 2013.  So it does look like SharePoint will finally be emerging from the mis understood Document Management System to a full fledged Social “Cloud Sourcing” Collaboration tool.  I look forward to doing a boat load of posts on successes, pains, and cool tips along the way.

Going to the Cloud


So I am thinking about moving a majority of my life to Office 365 and well the cloud.  I live on a laptop, and in virtual machines most of the time so in a way Private Cloud now, but making that jump will be a mission.  I am going to try and chronicle the journey from all on-prem and private to all cloud and just using a Surface (tablet device).


So with 2012 withering on the vine, I look forward to the changes ahead and challenges we have no idea are coming.  Remember that with “Great power comes great responsibility” so don’t tell your clients you can do it, unless you can deliver.

See you all on the flip side.



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