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Real Feedback on Call of Duty Ghost App, and Call of Duty Ghosts Game

I am an avid gamer, and have been a player video games since the early 80’s,,,yes all the way back to Activision and Atari. Multiplayer games are awesome at times, and I am a big fan as always, but have seen some challenges with the COD Ghost App, and wanted to provide you some feedback and recommendations from the trenches.

First off I am not a first person player in most games, but the hype around this Call of Duty Ghost and Battlefield 4 were massive. So I took a moment to review, play, and listen to hundreds of comments and rages from gamers online.

It is critical to preface this first by saying, I am not a fan boy, or hater of any games. These are comments and recommendations based on just user observation, and well hearing the complaining and comments from the lobbies.

Reporting a problem to Contact Us or Support

  1. Redirects to forums, which gives me this error on a regular basis.

  2. The Activision menu system for reporting an issue do seem to drive you to either the Chat which takes for ever, or Forums, which seem a little low in value.

  3. Can we get more interaction and feedback/guidance in our questions. Amazed at how many trolls are running the boards.


COD Ghost App User Experience:

My Profile

  1. Limited Value of information, pulls very little from the Call of Duty portal

  2. Would be great if I could interact with my COD account, and manage my information.

Create a Soldier

  1. Menu and interface is similar to Console menu, however the way to add gear, weapons, and perks does not translate easy, and information provided from the interface for each device and value applied to character does not support easy understanding.

  2. Navigation from Soldier to Soldier via the little lower left navigation, and the Wrench are not intuitive.

  3. Not being able to see clocked functions, armor, or weapons is confusing. Would like to see if it has value to unlock it.

  4. No clear understanding of what achievements unlock gear and weapons, or an achievement tree, to plan progression of characters.

  5. Squad sandbox to plan out a sample squad and save as a goal for character progression would be ideal.

Clan Wars


  1. Call of Duty Clan Wars button, shows button name in the button

Current Campaign

  1. Only works during a clan war.

  2. Would be great to provide between campaigns a breakdown of last campaign actions, wins, losses, and clans that were battled


  1. Would be nice to have some instructional (videos, and samples to view)


  1. Don’t update real-time from winning a clan war

  2. No clear understanding of Clan War Rankings, levels, progression

  3. No After Actions reporting to show off for clan recruiting

My Clan

  1. Does not show unlocks

Clan Wars Summary

  1. “Clan Wars is now live!” is not valid during off times.

  2. Cannot see all the unlock progression

  3. Can we see a clan comparison matrix to show other clans and our ranking.


Clan Chat

  1. Is fine, however if any clan member cannot get the app they are out of the communication string. Could this be tied to email, so any threads could be replied and sent via email also, or text message.

Find & Join Clans

  1. The Find and Join Clan area is easy to interact.

  2. Search is limited to only Clan Name, no region, By System, or level filter criteria or search for all clans by my Area.

  3. Shows MY clan in the Join A Friends Clan…why?

  4. Recommended Clans seems very random, and even show clans with only 1 member….Would be great to see recommend clans by Level, Region, or Members.


News & Events

  1. Same information that is on the main dashboard

  2. Would be nice to see patch, update information, and bugs.

Account Settings

  1. No recommendations

  2. Can there be a feedback section or Contact Us

Call of Duty Ghost XBOX experience

  1. I will not complain about the game, love the challenges, the pains, and the complaining whiners. I do wish that the Clan Wars experience was a bit more interactive in the Console, as some users do not have App access.

Perk and Achievement progression

  1. The progression of achievements is nearly impossible to map out, or understand initially what achievement matches what gear or armor. It would be great to have a way to see in the armory what achievement was needed, and an option to choose that or select to (Current Soldier or a soldier).

  2. Gold Gun Achievement, very…if nearly impossible to get if trying to level up all 10 soldiers instead of just boosting 1.\

Moddin and Boosting

  1. I know that you are trying to address moddin and boosting as always, however the lobbies are littered with App Hackers, boosters, and max level tweaks. It would be great to see if your reporting of folks is actually being addressed.

  2. If you Report a player, It would be nice to see a dashboard of reports, status, and results.

  3. If you falsely report or if a person is being malicious using the report, then there is a penalty

Team I just wanted to send this feedback as I know that user comments are always helpful if they are not from someone raging out of control…LOL. Look forward to future updates, and DLC….maybe someday you might ask us about this stuff before you develop it and we can give you some normal gamers prospective…just kidding.



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