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Portland SharePoint User Group – Calling for Speakers

We need YOU!

Portland SharePoint User Group – Calling for Speakers

Hello everyone my name is Scott Ellis, I am the current President of the Portland SharePoint User Group.

You may ask, "Why I am reaching out to you?"

Great question, we are looking for speakers that would like to contribute to our local community.  I know that many of you have attended many, or even just one event in the past.  I want to invite you to stand up and be recognized for your efforts in the battlefield of SharePoint and Collaboration.  I am looking for YOU to send me an email with a topic you would like to present, a short narrative of the topic, and the area of SharePoint it relates.

If you want to do this as a sponsored event great, if your company wants to come in and show off their efforts…great…. Feel free to also pass this on to others who might be interested.  Please reply to this with the following info:

  Speaker Info (separate form for each speaker please)

  1. Name:

  2. Company:

  3. Job Title:         

  4. Email:

  5. Phone:

  6. Short speaker bio ( one paragraph ):

  7. HTML Link to Picture:

  8. Blog or Website: (1 only)

  9. Session Info

  10. Primary Audience:  (e.g.  Farm Administrator, Site Collection Administrator, Site Administrator, Developer, Business Analyst,  Administrative Professional)

  11. Technologies: (e.g. SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio, Powershell, InfoPath, SQL Server *, etc.)

  12. Session Name:

  13. Session Description:

Thanks for your time my fellow SharePoint folks, I look forward to continuing to grow our community, and grow our knowledge.

Keep Moving Forward, Scott Ellis President Portland SharePoint User Group Founder Digital MacGyver Inc.


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