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Leveraging A-List for Lync Calls and SharePoint Calendars

So I spend a lot, I mean a lot of time on Lync Conference calls, and doing SharePoint demos and client meetings.  Now I have found that on average I can spend about 1200 minutes on my cellular bill just in meetings each month. OUCH.  Discussing with my fellow workers they have the same issue.  I did notice after doing an informal poll that about 80% are using ATT for there carrier.

So an option to support the team and save them minutes would benefit everyone.

A-List is one, and SharePoint Calendar/workflow seemed the other.

SharePoint Calendar

So let’s tackle the SharePoint side first.  Why SharePoint in this equation at all you say, in our organization we use SharePoint Calendars in Project Team Sites as a way to manage our meetings, and time availability.  Using this and the Outlook 2010 Calendar Overlay technique you can get a real quick snapshot of your availability.

So the easy option was to include on the Calendar InfoPath form a red reminder to make sure the team added the conference line to there A-List.

NOTE: this was just a reminder, with a link to the ATT Support page on how to do it. No complex workflow, or overthinking.  KISS rule in effect.

A-List by ATT

So the if you are not aware what the ATT A-List is, it is a feature that lets you add up t0 10 numbers to your service, that you can call without accruing minutes on your bill.

  1. Enjoy unlimited calls to and from the phone numbers in your A-List. Your A-List can include valid domestic phone numbers for any domestic service provider – wireless or landline.

So landlines, and conference numbers you call are ideal.


Keep in mind the goal…reduce minutes used by my team on there MOBILE Phones.  Particular the ATT guys using iPhones.  We achieved this via a simple process and notice that was in the persons face as they setup calendar events on Project Calendars.  No complex process or over thinking. Easy win via simple solution.



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