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Introduction to SharePoint Consulting

So I have been a consultant since the early 90’s, and specifically SharePoint since the dawn of its existence (in much meeker forms).  One thing is simply a truth SharePoint consulting is challenging, heck is painful at times.  I however would never do anything else.  I am going to take the next few months and try and basically guide you thru all the needed truths, past and present adventures, and wisdom that I can impart upon the printed page.

What we will be covering will be a little dry at times, so I plan to mix in my usual brand of humor and truth…that is the most critical part.  I promise to keep Integrity at the upmost point, and I will do this from my point of view… don’t get mad if it does not apply to you, or you do it a different way.  You are likely wrong…and just accept it 🙂

I will also be adding some video podcasts to the mix as words just don’t cut it sometimes and you have to see to believe.

So lets get started on this journey.



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