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Installing InfoPath form in SharePoint Installing forever

So was working with a SharePoint farm that is basically crazy, well one of the challenge that can come up is when you get Timer Services all messed up.  So one of my most common is the when I am publishing out new InfoPath forms.  I upload them to the Template library,  and  it just sits INSTALLING…..

Or when you delete it you get the eternal DELETING…..

Well good old STSADM to the rescue, and checking your services.

First Timer Service.

Go on each of your WFE and App servers and make sure your SharePoint 2010 Timer is Started.  This can be stopped if you had a Server Reboot, or crash.

Second is the script.

What you will need to do is run this script:

stsadm.exe –o execadmsvcjobs

on each server in the farm.  You will see a similar output as below.


Now you ask why, well in simple terms, your timer service was not pushing out the data to your wfe servers.

Hope that helps.



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