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How to I get paper documents into SharePoint 2010….Part 2

Well today OpenText™ OTEX -0.23% CA:OTC -0.84% today announced OpenText Capture for Microsoft SharePoint.

I had just posted early this week about 3 options for Paper to SharePoint, well here is another tool in your box.  I have to say I have used their solution in the e-Discovery ream converting rooms of banker boxes to digital for review and coding, so they have a long reputation for solid solutions.  Here is an exept from the article:

"SharePoint represents a huge target market with many customers looking to add capture solutions in order to take full advantage of their SharePoint investments," said Harvey Spencer of Harvey Spencer Associates, a leading capture industry analyst firm. "Advanced enterprise capture solutions that are designed to make it easy such as the one that OpenText is introducing for SharePoint, provides a standardized approach to deploying distributed document capture across all departments and processes." OpenText Capture for SharePoint supports a variety of capture scenarios including ad-hoc or desktop scanning, high-volume batch and distributed scanning, and full-text capture servers. Captured paper documents are then converted to searchable digital documents using the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR). Users can easily extract any missing or required meta and business data using patented Single Click Entry technology. "For companies to truly realize the value of their SharePoint investments, it’s critical they have a capture solution that seamlessly integrates with the target system," said Lubor Ptacek, General Manager of Microsoft Solutions at OpenText. "With deep expertise in capture and as an award-winning Microsoft partner, OpenText is ideally positioned to bring this functionality to enterprise SharePoint customers on a global basis."

So we will have to wait and see what folks think of it after it has been beaten against a few rocky deployments.  If you are interesting in the rest of the article, check it out one Market Watch.



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