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Home Office fun

Well Alisha and I are starting to pack up for the big move. So due to that fun I have been fully banished to the garage. So here is my temporary home for the next 2 months.

Before you look below or read below a disclaimer. I AM A NERD.


From left to right:

  1. Dell Latitude Laptop

  2. 2 Samsung BX2440 monitors

  3. 64 oz. ampm cup filled with Monster or Redbull “one a day”

  4. Sony Playstation 2 (on stand under Samsung Monitors)

  5. XBOX 360 Elite (on stand under Samsung Monitors)

  6. Dell Latitude E6400 (in docking stations under Samsung Monitors)

  7. Dell XPS16, under desk

  8. OOMA voip phone running my US Google Voice phone numbers (on desk)

  9. Can of Pepsi, always have one handy.

  10. Magnovox 32” HD monitor

  11. OOMA voip phone running my Google Voice phone numbers from overseas (on shelf above monitor)

  12. Vizio 42” TV using the HDMI inputs

  13. Dell Latitude E6410 media server (in cabinet under Vizio)

I have taken down the wall of monitors I use for Network Support and SharePoint Farm builds, so going small….haha..otherwise add 8 more Dell 19” monitors, hooked to a DisplayUV system, and a Dell Server running virtual machines.

Lets see if I go crazy in my cave.



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