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Facebook account Compromised, hacked…seriously!

So this morning I get a lovely Text Message/Email from Facebook about 3am.

Facebook Account Compromised

Basically reading between the lines….Sorry your account got hacked, because our method to stop password cracking techniques, or free hacking software posted on YouTube is …..well….hideous.

Honestly..Thank You for catching it Facebook, and thank you for letting me change my Very Strong Password…again(5th Time).

Facebook had increased their security, and I thank the for the effort.  You now have a myriad of defenses.  Please ensure you do them ALL.

FaceBook Settings:

  1. Security Question

  2. Secure Browsing

  3. Login Notification

  4. Login Approvals

  5. Recognized Devices

I am not picking on Facebook on this, because they do have a lot of controls and method of notification…ie  3am Text Message, but wow how did someone randomly guess a 11 digit, alpha-numeric-with special characters.  Well they did not…Let me explain.

Well after about a 4 second websearch on Bing….I come up with 9 tools to hack a Facebook account…..and can you believe one actually still works.  How did a multi-billion dollar company miss the fact this tool has been around since 2010. Yes not only does it work, it gave me my new password back.  Ouch…so my Facebook is a Open book.  So I can simply say, I have lost the trust.  Facebook Security if you are reading this….please go check it out and correct this.


And the gentleman from Cairo Egypt who accessed my account at 3am…lame.  Two questions, why I have nothing worthy of reposting, second find a better thing to do with your time.

Recourse and Conclusion

I pulled the tracelogs for the mobile device, and got the call back number to that lovely smartphone who accessed my account.  I even had a little fun, and posted its info on some different forums.  Enjoy the text messages you get in the next few days…LOL



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