Design Partners

I don't do it alone, leveraging our friendships and partnerships with other creatives gives me the team that can always deliver.  I am proud to grow this network and see collaboration as one of the strongest reasons why my customers ask me to continue to support them long after the first project ends.


I respect my partners and the brands they have established.  I am proud to support them and their efforts and adding more partners so I hope to add you to this growing area of my practice.

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One of my unique abilities is to be able to demonstrate my strong history of technology.  Implementing best in practice small to enterprise collaboration, social, and web platforms along with my strong digital media and media experience.  Being able to deliver accross these platforms, and continue to education is a key to my success.

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This site was created with the sweat and tears of many Umpa-Lumpa's.  Any resemblance to you or someone you know is highly likely, but totally by accident.  If you have an issue with my content, images, or social posts...please don't contact me.  I play nice with others, don't need a safe space (I live in Oregon). 


Working with me may have a variety of symptoms, including lightheartedness, momentary cases of happiness, questioning why you hired others in the past, increased success in your business activities.


If you have a history of working with consultants, consult me immediately to break the cycle.

I need the work. :-)....Remember recycle, be nice to others, and hire me.

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