Building a Digital Experience


This "Digital Experience" starts with customer-centric design. Customer-centric design is a digital design philosophy that places a customer at the center of the creation process. It isn't about easy navigation or enticing visuals, although that helps. Instead, it’s about getting into a customer’s head and thinking how the world looks from their perspective. Understanding the customer characteristics — especially their emotional states — starts off the design process. Deciphering what the customer might do within a digital experience is the payoff.


Focusing on what someone might want to do applies to any design. A highway should be designed with how drivers drive in mind and a garden with contemplation or serenity. The digital experience, however, must put all of the complexity of a human being front and center. It has to speak to all of the customer’s desires and senses all at once. For a digital experience to succeed, it needs to be functional and beautiful, natural to use yet encompassing the totality of the expected experience. Only customer-centric design will incorporate all of those elements.


Digital Experience Begins with Customer-Centric Design


I believe that no matter what you want to build, no matter what I think you want, when it comes right down to it one simple aspect is always true:  "It is all about the customer"


I am simply a Hired Gun there to solve "The Problem", and frankly I am dang good at it.   I go into board rooms and marketing teams all the time, asked to do something impossible, or even better make the impossible-possible.  Excellent that is my favorite kind of project. This is why I can offer such a range of services, I focus on what makes you successful.  I don't want to sell you tools or technologies, I want you to simply achieve your goals. 


My design approach is not new, it is not trademarked, it is not something no one has tried.....don't reinvent, evolve it.  I focus on what everyone can do, provide guidance, the expertise, and the option to say....."Lets Go Figure It Out".


The digital experience is a shorthand way of saying that I want to create a moment in time and space in which a person, through the power of an Internet connection, experiences something unique. That "something" might be informative, fun, moving or challenging. Its purpose may be to help someone do their job better or to entice consumers to buy something. 


No matter what the experience, the digital experience begins and ends with one person - “the customer.”