Detailed Resume

DIGITAL MACGYVER, Global                                                                      Dec 1985 - Current

Role: Founder, Managing Consultant in Information Systems Architect and Security

Location(s): Portland, OR., Seattle, WA., Eugene, OR.

Security Clearance:  Secret

Impact Statement:  I am Digital MacGyver.

I love spending my days helping companies and people be inspired. My 30 years of experience have been focused on an Information First approach, driving companies to better understand their content and information.

Providing my clients with Business Information Security Architecture Consulting and Information Systems Management I word to support your diverse team of technical experts and provide you a world-class security technical advisory and thought-leadership. Helping your organization by providing exceptional and practical, technical and logistical direction to its internal customers; enabling your company to move and innovate rapidly while minimizing risks to the Brand.

Focus areas in Information Architecture, Content Governance, Security Architecture, Secure Development Lifecycle Management, Application Security (WWW and Mobile), Cloud Security, Risk and Compliance, and Business to Business Security within the Business Units.

Provide critical input and guidance to ensure that the Business is aligned appropriately with Corporate Information Security when considering key priorities such as business requirements, industry threat landscape, and risk appetite.
Work closely with the Business end-to-end in releasing secure and compliant infrastructure, applications and experiences at the speed of business.
Partner with business and technology to provide expert security guidance into design and implementation of the business capabilities.
Consult with both technology and business teams to identify priorities and security capability requirements and incorporate these requirements into the security strategy.


WELOCALIZE, Global Team                                                                        Mar 2017 - Current

Role: Director of Business Intelligence Team, Enterprise Information Systems Architect

Location(s): Portland, OR., London England, New York, NY., Barcelona Spain, Tokyo Japan

Impact Statement: As Director of Business Intelligence I lead the strategic vision of data visualization in the organization.  Driving the adoption of PowerBI and Predictive Analytics. As the Enterprise Information Systems Architect my focus is in unification of enterprise and sub organization systems.  Focus on leveraging Office 365 and Cloud first for global workforce, supporting 5000+ members and 124 languages. 

VERNIAN DESIGN CO., Portland OR and Missoula MT                             Oct 2007 - Dec 2016

Role: Creative Director

Location(s): Portland, OR., Missoula MT.


Impact Statement: Vernian Design was created around a simple proposition: ‘doing interesting things, in interesting places, without limits to current convention, with interesting people.’ We are more than a creative agency, a digital media agency, a marketing firm; we build experiences that empower our clients' business, boost their brands and spur measurable success.


We’ve done it every day for more than 20 years—and we’re just getting started.Some of these, such as branding, events, PR, advertising, marketing and digital do mirror those offered by traditional marketing agencies. Yet Vernian is also happy to take a leap into the unknown. Sometimes we’ve taken on projects to earn a living. Other times, we’ve done them just for the hell of challenging convention.

AEQUITAS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, Lake Oswego OR                           April 2014 - Dec 2015

Role: Senior Solutions Architect, Senior SharePoint Architect, Digital Media/Marketing Architect

Location(s): Portland, OR., Seattle, WA., London, Eng., New York, NY.

Security Clearance:  Confidential

Impact Statement: Joined Aequitas Capital Management to help lead the development of a Corporate Information Systems Department and launch Services platform supporting Aequitas and its 20+ subsidiary organizations.  Taking the lead as a Senior Architect, wearing the hats needed to deliver solutions that facilitated the organization growing 10 Billion dollars in managed assets.  Providing guidance in the overall Web Strategy,


Corporate Culture Coach

  • Technologies: Public Speaking, Camtasia, Canon Creative Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Mix, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Expressions


SharePoint Architect

  • Technologies: SharePoint 2013, Office 365, SharePoint Hybrid, Kerberos, SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, SharePoint Workflow, AvePoint, Metalogix, Nintex, K2, HTML 5, CSS, Responsive Design, App Model, Mobile First Development, Azure, AWS, Hyper-V, VM Ware


Digital Media/Marketing Architect

  • Technologies: Jira, Salesforce, Pardot, Great Plains, SharePoint 2013, Office 365, Wordpress, Druple, Balsamiq, Wacom, Adobe CS6, Camtasia, Visual Studio, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Mac OSX, Linux, Windows 9, Windows 10, Tablet Technologies, Wearable Devices, 3d Virtualization, Hyper-V, Azure, VM Ware

SLALOM CONSULTING, Portland OR                                                        Dec 2009 – April 2014

Role: Consultant, UX Designer, Senior SharePoint Architect, Digital Media Consultant

Location(s): Portland, OR., Seattle, WA., London, Eng., New York, NY., San Francisco, CA., Chicago, IL., Miami, FL., Houston, TX.

Security Clearance:  Secret

Impact Statement: As a Solutions Architect in the Portland office.  I demonstrate my experience driving initiatives for our Financial Services, Defense, Health Care, Education, Energy and Manufacturing clients.  My proven record is demonstrated daily while helping our clients manage major technology initiatives, optimize business processes and achieve maximum returns on their investments.


Digital Media Consultant and UX Designer – Telecommunications, SharePoint Internet Portal

  • Worked with in-house design team to develop a top tier internet facing design.  Created a comprehensive Meta-Data management system to support a taxonomy driven navigation and SEO offering.  Created comprehensive support forms in InfoPath to drive workflow automation and communication to support and sales limiting touch points, and reporting on interactions.

  • Technologies: SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Designer, InfoPath 2010, SharePoint Workflow, Adobe CS5, Visio 2010, Project 2010, Microsoft Office 2010


SharePoint Architect – Insurance, Contract Management Reporting Dashboard Portal

  • Designed and deployed a comprehensive report dashboard supporting the Contract Management process.  Using workflow reporting and BI to create charting and real-time notifications based on information management policies.  Created simplified forms in InfoPath to allow targeted of form views based on group policy.

  • Technologies: SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Designer, InfoPath 2010, SharePoint Workflow, Visio 2010, Microsoft Office 2010


SharePoint Architect – Insurance, SharePoint Communication Portal

  • Interviewed key stakeholders to identify and collect business requirements around internal communications and document management system based on SharePoint 2007. Design and deploy SharePoint WSS portal a nationwide communication hub.  Supporting custom themes and CSS publishing pages and graphics.  Integrated reporting and alerts to notify community of new announcements and publications.

  • Technologies: SharePoint 2007, SharePoint Designer, SharePoint Workflow, Adobe Illustrator


SharePoint Architect – National NBA Sports Franchise, SharePoint Assessment and Support

  • Provide support and guidance for a major sports franchise in regards to SharePoint 2007 implementation.  Assisting in the analysis and design of requirements and project goals in regards to a SharePoint 2010 migration and deployment.

  • Technologies: SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Office 2010, MS Server 2008


SharePoint Architect – HealthCare Industry, Customer Intake Processing Portal

  • Design and Implement an end-to-end New Customer Intake Processing and Maintenance portal, supporting distributed national locations with over 800+ users.  Utilizing complex and cross platform workflows using K2 Workflows.  Custom intake web forms and fully optimized Business Intelligence supported by Reporting and Work Queue sites.

  • Technologies: SharePoint 2010, InfoPath 2010, K2 BlackPearl, ASP.NET, SSRS


SharePoint Architect – HealthCare Industry, Learning Management Reporting Portal

  • Design and Implement an Learning Management Reporting Portal in SharePoint. Utilizing complex workflows and reporting to allow managers to be notified immediately upon employ passing for failing assessments and training courses.  Integrated InfoPath forms and surveys to test and assess both the student and trainer real-time during course progression.

  • Technologies: SharePoint 2010, InfoPath 2010, K2 BlackPearl, ASP.NET, SSRS


SharePoint Architect – Consumer Goods, SharePoint Strategy

  • Provided guidance to the IT team as they began moving down the MOSS path. Tasked with bringing the executives throughout the organization on-board with MOSS. Developed MOSS Strategy Guide for the organization moving forward.

  • Technologies: SharePoint 2007, Microsoft Office 2007


SharePoint Architect – High-Tech, SharePoint Portal Design

  • Performed an assessment on the current processes used by the legal group and then mapped those processes to a MOSS solution in order to optimize efficiency, storage requirements, versioning, and check-in/out.

  • Technologies: SharePoint 2007, Microsoft Office 2007, Visio 2007


SharePoint Engineer – Outsourcing Services, SharePoint Implementation Engineer

  • Part of a large team implementing WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 on an International scale. Included Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asian Pacific countries. Led the effort to integrate SQL Server Reporting Services into the SharePoint environment.

  • Technologies: SharePoint 2007, Windows Server 2003, SSRS, Microsoft Office 2007

AIVEA CORPORATION, Beaverton OR                                                         Dec 2008 – Dec 2009

Roles: SharePoint Solutions Architect and Senior SharePoint Trainer

Location(s): Portland, OR., Seattle, WA., London, Eng., New York, NY., San Francisco, CA., Chicago, IL., Miami, FL., Houston, TX.

Security Clearance:  Secret

Impact Statement: As Aivea’s Senior Solutions Architect and Technocrat, I focus on 5 disciplines: Business Planning and General Management, Subject Matter Expertise, Business Development, Methodology and Quality Assurance, Work Force Management, Supervision and Mentoring.


Currently leading 3 departments.  Revenue of $750 K per annual.  I lead a global team in a best in class e-learning platform for all things SharePoint that I designed and developed. Creating and implementing a physical global training program, which allowed me to perform training classes over 4 continents during my time with company, for corporate and government agencies both foreign and domestic.  I addition to leading the training department, played a key role as the Senior SharePoint Architect on implementations for global enterprise clients.


SharePoint Architect – Government, SharePoint / K2 BlackPearl Design and Strategy

  • Lead Architect on National Energy Department initiative.  Interviewed key stakeholders, provided detailed design documents and deliverables.  Provided and implemented a organization wide governance and information management policy program.

  • Technologies: SharePoint 2007, K2 BlackPeal, Documentum, Konfig


Social Engineering Evangelist – Education – College, Social Media and Education

  • Guest professor for colleges in regards to Social Media and Education.  Provided 17 sessions at 11 major state universities and colleges, to an audience of over 2000+ students and faculty.

  • Technologies: SharePoint, MS Office 2007, Adobe CS4


SharePoint Architect – Education – K-12, SharePoint Student Portal

  • Provided design and implementation of WSS solution for Internet facing student and faculty portal.  Implemented parent emergency notification Alert system, with full integration with SharePoint.

  • Technologies: SharePoint WSS 2007, Flash, Bamboo Solutions


SharePoint Training – Education – College, SharePoint Administration and Education

  • SharePoint training lecturer on SharePoint 2007 and WSS.  Provided 87 sessions at 31 major state universities and colleges, to an audience of over 8000+ students and faculty.

  • Technologies: SharePoint 2007 and WSS, WebEx, Logitech, Cisco Conferencing


SharePoint Architect – Litigation Discovery, SharePoint Case Management Solution

  • Using my significant expertise in e-discovery, forensics, and SharePoint lead a design and develop of a SharePoint 2007 portal solution supporting both Legal Firms and Electronic Discovery companies. Integrating a layered security model, Certificates and Token authentication to allow clients to access and review sensitive and confidential case materials and data.

  • Technologies: SharePoint, Active Directory, Token, Cisco, Kerberos, iConect, Concordance


SharePoint Architect – Non-Profit, SharePoint Portal Design

  • Developed custom CSS around a WSS product showcase site. Developed a customer interaction portal, allowing reservation and product material distribution.  Two way integration with CRM Dynamics for new account management, and sales support.

  • Technologies: Dynamics 4.0, SharePoint Designer, SharePoint WSS


SharePoint Architect – Sports Product Development, SharePoint Learning Management Portal

  • Created global Learning Management SharePoint training solution.  Created courseware for MS Office 2007 and SharePoint 2007 classes and seminars that were repackaged by clients.  Delivered 25 global training seminars for over 3400+ employees of global organization in 3 languages. Created BlackBoard training BDC integration, for global migration.

  • Technologies: Camtasia, Dragon Dictation, Adobe CS3 Suite, SharePoint, CourseWorks, BlackBoard


SharePoint Trainer and Developer – US Army HealthCare, SharePoint Training and Web Part Development

  • Provided SharePoint Application Development training, and custom WebPart Development sessions for Army Hospital staff. 

  • Technologies: The Microsoft SharePoint Technologies and ASP.NET, SharePoint Designer


SharePoint Architect – Ports and Logistics, SharePoint Portal Design and Implementation

  • Designed and deployed comprehensive Port Management and Content Management Portal solution.  Included development of IRM program, Governance, Policies, Architecture, Hummingbird Migration, and Records Retention programs.

  • Technologies: The Microsoft SharePoint Technologies, Hummingbird, Quest, Tsunami, Kerberos

AIVEA CORPORATION, Beaverton OR                                                        May 2008 – Dec 2008

Role: IT Lead, Business Analyst, SharePoint Trainer

Location(s): Portland, OR., Seattle, WA., London, Eng., New York, NY., San Francisco, CA., Chicago, IL., Miami, FL., Houston, TX.

Security Clearance:  Secret

Impact Statement: As one of the top SharePoint Trainers and Business Analyst’s at Aivea I have been involved in medium and enterprise MOSS 2007 engagements globally. I have a proven understanding of MOSS business impact, user experience and technical infrastructure. I have been a key player in our expansion of our Professional Services and Training program. Strong analysis, design, development, integration, and implementation skills using MOSS 2007. Leading member of our Global SharePoint Professional Services Team, contributing to the development of strategies, policies, and best practices that define the client’s future. Projects that I have worked on include governments both domestic and foreign, top Fortune 50 companies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations.  Portfolio includes deployment that have over 25,000+ users, reaching 6 continents. I have ensured the building of "Clients for Life" relationships, and have a large dedicated support network of MVP's, MCSE's, and other Certified Professionals.



  • Plan, Install and Configure MOSS 2007 Enterprise Implementation using Multiple Web Front End (WFE) servers, Application Servers (Excel, InfoPath, Document Conversion etc.), Index Servers, 64-Bit and 32-Bit SQL Server 2005 clusters in Windows 2008/2003 platform with NLB

  • Performed over 39 training classes, trained over 103 client organizations in 14 months, on 3 continents.  1897 total students.

  • Perform routine speaking engagements at universities: PSU, Harvard, Stanford, Oregon State, Oxford

  • Implement Performance Enhancements including Content Cashing

  • Gathering of information regarding users, workflows, search customizations, functionality, appearance, and permissions.

  • Created custom solution to have workflow approvals and business data on the documents.

  • Design and Develop Workflows and Content using SharePoint Designer 2007

  • MOSS 2007 Training for Administration and End-Users.

  • Educated users, created a course syllabus, and trained content contributors in the use of the new system, and led initial technical support of the system during initial deployment.

DISCOVER-E LEGAL LLC., Portland, OR., Seattle, WA.                             May 2007 – May 2008

Role: Client Service Manager

Location(s): Portland, OR., Seattle, WA., London, Eng., New York, NY., San Francisco, CA., Chicago, IL., Miami, FL., Houston, TX.

Security Clearance: Confidential

Impact Statement: Managed 3 departments within the company: Software Quality Assurance, Technical Services, and Software Training. Managed a team of 32 individuals, with a yearly department budget of over $2.6 million. Brining in revenues of over $3.5 million annually. I am a recognized Expert in SharePoint Forensic services, and offer consulting to many top global forensic and e-discovery vendors.



  • Responsible for the availability, reliability, performance, monitoring and security of client’s Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007/2003 implementation

  • Primary account manager for over 135 global accounts, including 5 top AmLaw clients, and 3 top Fortune 50 clients

  • Managed development Q&A department

  • Managed the software and hardware deployments of enterprise EDD solutions to global partners

  • Recovery operations and backup procedures for MOSS 2007

  • Performance optimization tuning and capacity planning for the Messaging and Collaboration environment

  • Provide communications regarding SharePoint best practices, processes, policies, and education

  • Support of SharePoint administration tools and third party applications (Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007, Microsoft Visual Studio, Quest, AvePoint)

  • Change Management, on-call and off-hour systems support

  • Development and maintenance of systems architecture and operations documentation


Awards and commendations:

  • Executive of the year 2007

DISCOVER-E LEGAL LLC., Portland, OR., Seattle, WA.                           June 2006 – May 2007

Role: Senior Software Trainer and Senior Support Technical

Location(s): Portland, OR., Seattle, WA., London, Eng., New York, NY., San Francisco, CA., Chicago, IL., Miami, FL., Houston, TX.

Security Clearance: Confidential

Role: Senior software trainer, senior technical resource for company on all e-discovery and software development.

Impact Statement: Managed 2 departments within the company: Technical Services, and Software Training. Managed a team of 9 individuals, with a yearly department budget of over $2.4 million. Brining in revenues of over $3.0 million annually.



  • Monitors level 3 helpdesk problem tickets queue and responds to end-user questions and inquiries

  • Senior global discover-e and litigation support trainer

  • Senior discover-e software technician and operator

  • Performed software training for 67 partners within 12 months on 4 continents, total of 873 users.

  • Deployed and managed CRM 3.0 solution company wide

  • Participation in product evaluation, systems testing, certification and product lifecycle management

  • Participation in Messaging & Collaboration recovery and Disaster Recovery practices


Awards and commendations:

  • Employee of the year 2006

DISCOVER-E LEGAL LLC., Portland, OR., Seattle, WA.                           July 2005 – June 2006

Role: Trainer and Lead e-discovery technician

Location(s): Portland, OR., Seattle, WA., London, Eng., New York, NY., San Francisco, CA., Chicago, IL., Miami, FL., Houston, TX.

Security Clearance: Confidential

Impact Statement: Moved from a entry level trainer to top e-discovery technician and resource within the entire company.  Lead resource on multiple high profile e-discovery projects grossing over $2.9 million in the first year.  Managed 3 persons within the firm. Managed a yearly department budget of over $1.2 million. Brining in revenues of over $2.6 million annually.



  • Sole e-discovery technician on $2.4 million project for priority processing case. 

  • Developed and deployed mobile e-discovery processing unit (MPU)

  • Level 2 Technical Engineer for software development team

  • Designed and developed complete software training packages for e-discovery software platforms

  • Develop and maintain technical standards, procedures and techniques for the resolution of system problems to ensure maximum system availability and performance levels


Awards and commendations:

  • Employee of the year 2005

DOE NNSA (National Nuclear Security Agency), Las Vegas, NV            Dec 2004 – June 2005

Role: Computer Forensic Specialist and Content Administrator

Security Clearance: Secret

Notable Event: Interview concerning “Steganography” on Tech TV in 2005.



  • Provided first level computer and digital forensics and investigations for all National Nuclear Security interests. 

  • Implemented a virtual testing and simulation lab. 

  • Proven experience with the SharePoint 2003 security model, account management along with SharePoint site creation, administration, and design.

  • Responsible for the Lab’s Windows Server 2000, SAN Storage, Microsoft SQL Server, DNS, and Active Directory

  • Designed and built lab computers and forensic systems

  • Computer Forensic Technologies used: EnCase, SMART and FTK

LONESTAR CONSULTING (Purchased by Blackwater Inc. in 2004)        Dec 1994 – Nov 2004

Missoula MT., London England, Global                                                                                   

Role: Information Security Consultant, and Asset Security

Security Clearance: Confidential

Projects: Unable to be discussed due to NDA



  • Received Certificate of Recognition - In the line of duty - 1997 - Lonestar Unlimited

  • Provided priority asset security and executive protection for clients globally.

  • Implement computer security protocols and policies on client systems

  • Lead computer forensic specialist on 800 gig project across 12 networks

  • Act a liaison between clients and local and federal law enforcement

  • Instruct clients in conflict resolution tactics

  • Manage security programs for clients and facilities

  • Responsible for 20 million dollar Information Security deployment

  • Instructed over 5000 students in Personal Protection Methods