I have been known as Digital MacGyver since 1983.

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Scott Ellis

Creative Director


My mission has been simple, to create quality work that is purposeful, beautiful, meaningful, and long-lasting. To ensure that each part of your brand, large and small, is essential, and ties into a flexible, harmonious, and enduring system that works for you and your audience.


I founded Vernian to be at the cross roads of technology and art.  To stop asking if we should, break away and do what could be.


For over 22 years I have been leading teams across the span of technologies developing workshops and building communities to support good corporate culture and good user experience practices.  
Recently, I have been working with global companies delivering intranets, multi-lingual business communications and go to market programs.  In the last few years, I have launched major digital properties such as Integratelcom.com, ATT.com, Tripwire.com, and Microsoft Ready-to-Go Marketing.


In my off time you can find me embracing hobbies, from photography, wood working, painting, and classic machines.  My family is my anchor, and that is one of the reasons Vernian is more then just a place, it is a culture, friends, family.


Keep Moving Forward,

Scott Ellis