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Creative - Maker - Designer - and more..

These are more than just words these define my reason for going to work each day.  Being able to apply my skills and experience of like a digital consulting agency, but without the constraints of a big agency. ​

​Someone once asked me what I do, and honestly that list get bigger every year.  Mostly you hire me to solve problems, to take ideas and make them real, to bring a sketch on a piece of paper to life.

​I have had the pleasure working with, for, and in support of some of the most exciting projects, places and people. It has been a great ride, and I simply don't see myself going back. What can you say when the world is your office.

Recently, I have been working with global companies delivering intranets, multi-lingual business communications and go to market programs.  In the last few years, I worked with my teams to launch major digital properties and the experience has given me the opportunities to work on some amazing projects.  Check out my LinkedIn profile for more history.

I am passionate about my family, Montana, co-working, personal brand, woodwork, leathercraft, creative communication, teaching, and photography.

'No boundaries, no limits, doing interesting things, in interesting places, without limits to current convention, with interesting people.’

In my lifetime I have had the great opportunity to work across many industries and to this end I have been driven by this core motto.

What I Do






Contact Me

Ready to start the conversation, first step is the dreaded form. 

I promise when I am not taking pictures, visiting great folks, and trying to solves lifes litte mysteries I will reach back out.  

That is if I have cell phone reception where I am. :-)

Ready to start the conversation, first step is the dreaded form. 

© 1985 - 2019 by Scott Ellis aka. Digital MacGyver


This site was created with the sweat and tears of many Umpa-Lumpa's.  Any resemblance to you or someone you know is highly likely, but totally by accident.  If you have an issue with my content, images, or social posts...please don't contact me.  I play nice with others, don't need a safe space (I live in Oregon). 


Working with me may have a variety of symptoms, including lightheartedness, momentary cases of happiness, questioning why you hired others in the past, increased success in your business activities.


If you have a history of working with consultants, consult me immediately to break the cycle.

I need the work. :-)....Remember recycle, be nice to others, and hire me.

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