My name is Scott Ellis, I also go by "Digital MacGyver".


Digital MacGyver is my personal brand. I am a entrepreneur, maker and creative at heart.  I love working with organizations across the globe to create and deliver unique solutions that customers not only want but crave. Using my 30+ years of consulting and design experience to help you promote your business, create unique things, become the leader in your industry, or just test out new ideas.


I live by the motto: 'No boundaries, no limits, doing interesting things, in interesting places, without limits to current convention, with interesting people.’

In the past, I have worked with global companies delivering intranets, multi-lingual business communications and go to market programs.  In the last few years, I worked with my teams to launch major digital properties such as Integratelcom, ATT, Tripwire, Nike, Coke, Craft Brew, and Microsoft.  My SharePoint expertise and experience has given me the opportunities to work on some amazing projects.


One of my personal goals it to ensure that any project starts with a 'Design First' approach, focusing on the business needs, and end users.  This is the first step to a success adoption story, and ensuring a consistent brand identity. Keeping a consistent message at all times is key.


In my off time you can find me at home doing wood working, building Steampunk and Dieselpunk designs, working on classic motorcycles, creating industrial design furniture, and spending time with my wonderful family.  I also like to find time to do speaking events, providing workshops and sessions which help to educate people from all backgrounds, as well as to help inform them on the appropriate intersections of User Experience, Collaboration, Information Architecture and Culture with other roles, so that everyone can work together to make their businesses better.

I have been known as Digital MacGyver since 1985.

© 1985 by Scott "Digital MacGyver" Ellis

® "Digital MacGyver" is a registered Trademark.

All rights reserved.

I am Digital MacGyver