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Image by Timothy Dykes


Designing an Intranet with Dungeons & Dragons

Are you tired of boring, outdated Intranets that make it difficult to navigate and find the information you need? As a UX designer, I know the importance of designing an Intranet that is user-centered and easy to use.

That's why I decided to approach the design of an Intranet from a unique perspective: using Dungeons and Dragons as a way to tell the story. By creating a quest for the HR department and using D&D elements such as character sheets, rules, and equipment, I was able to design an Intranet that not only functions well but also engages users in a fun and interactive way.

Designing an Intranet is not just about creating a visually appealing interface. It's about understanding the needs of the users and creating a platform that meets those needs. By using D&D elements, I was able to create an Intranet that feels like a game, making users more eager to engage with it and use it regularly.

If you're interested in improving your organization's Intranet and want to create an engaging user experience, feel free to reach out to me for more information. Together, we can design an Intranet that not only works but is also fun to use.

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